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nintendo characters meets not-so-ninendo characters

for wii u,ps3,xbox one



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games modesEdit

5 rounds match

vs mode(up to 4 players)

100 mans

3 minutes mans

10 minutes mans

all stars(unlocks all characters)

tournament mode(unlock at least 6 charcters)


extreme mode is not longer avalable

the only game for everyone

tournament avalable

classic mode not longer added and gets replaced by 5 rounds match

2 in 1 untransformable characters acceptable

characters gallery not longer avalable

characters(team nintendo)Edit





zelda(the legend of zelda)



link(the legend of zelda)

vexx tne bulbasaur(pmdt)

marth(complete 3 minutes mans )(fire emblem)

roy(survive 6 minutes of the 10 minutes mans as marth)(fire emblem)

mewtwo(complete 5 rounds match in hard mode)(pokemon)

cyndaquil(complete 5 rounds match with any pokemon characters)(pokemon) and watch(complete 100 mans 3 times)(game and watch)

jigglypuff(wins 10 match in tournamet mode)(pokemon)

ashchu(wins 5 match in a row with pikachu in tournament mode)(pokemon)

characters(team others)Edit

spyro(spyro the dragon)

philliphe laprise(vrak tv)

zak and wheezie(dragon tales)

richard tyler(pagemaster)

ashley grahams(resident evil)

ian and anthony(smosh)

rose dewitt bukater(james cameron's titanic)

jack dawson(james cameron's titanic)

jill valentine(resident evil)

bear grylls(complete 5 rounds match with ian and anthony)(smosh)

r.o.b(complete 100 mans)(real life toy)

master chief(complete 5 rounds match with spyro)(halo)

kirbopher(complete 5 rounds match with rina chan)(newgrounds)

chris redfield(complete 5 rounds match with jill and ashley)(resident evil)

ada wong(wins 50 tournaments match)(resident evil)

rina chan(wins 100 tournaments match)(newgrounds)


5 rounds match:(5 randoms characters spawn 1 by 1)

all stars:(16 rounds 2 by 2 one nintendo character and one 3rd party character fight agaisnt you)

(only 3 regen and the round 16 will be 1 vs 1)